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Jackson Pearce

YA and MG Author

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I'm Jackson Pearce! I wrote some books: AS YOU WISH (Harper Collins), SISTERS RED, SWEETLY, FATHOMLESS (fairytale retelling series) and PURITY (all with Little, Brown). This is a syndicated livejournal account, not my main blog-- please visit me at JacksonPearce.com!
abandoned buildings, accents, activism, adventure, adventures, aim, antiques, astrology, atlanta, authors, ballet, barnes and noble, being right, bengals, best friends, books, broadway, calvin and hobbes, candles, cat toys, cats, chai latte, charmed, children's literature, chocolate, cirque du soliel, coffee drinking, colorguard, comedy, creating characters, creative writing, creativity, dance, david sedaris, diet coke, dogs, drawing, dresses, equal rights, faeries, faery, fairies, fairy tales, family guy, fantasy, fictional characters, films, firefly, folklore, fonts, fortune telling, fraggle rock, garden state, georgia, ghosts, google, grass between your toes, gypsies, handwritten letters, harry potter, history, history of fairy tales, horses, indie films, interesting words, ipod, j.k. rowling, joss whedon, journals, laundro, lemony snicket, liberal, literary agents, livejournal, lord of the rings, lost, marching band, monty python, moulin rouge, movie quotes, movies, mp3s, music, musicals, my little pony, my little pony tales, mythology, neverending story, novel writing, novels, old buildings, old decaying buildings, old graveyards, old houses, owls, oxford english dictionary, phantom of the opera, philosophy, philosophy of language, pirates, poe, post-it notes, psychics, publishing, query letters, rain, rainbow bright, randomness, reading, rejection slips, rose petal palace, ruins, sarcasm, scbwi, secrets, serenity, shiny things, sleeping, starbucks, stories, storms, striped socks, such great heights, sunday mornings, tattoos, teen books, the 80's, the daily show, the postal service, theatre, thrift stores, tivo, urban fantasy, vintage clothing, winterguard, writing, writing fantasy, writing fiction, writing for young adults, ya, ya authors, ya books, ya fiction, ya lit, ya novels, young adult fiction, young adult novels, zoobilee zoo

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