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It occurs to me that a lot of my character names come from weird, weird places. I thought I'd share!

All of the characters' first names, with the exception of Jinn, are Shakespearean references. While I wouldn't call the story a Shakespeare retelling, it is heavily influenced by Shakespearean themes, and I wanted to pay tribute to that in the characters' names. All of the characters' last names are from my favorite musical. I wish there was a clever reason for this, but actually...I just couldn't come up with last names. So I stole them from a musical. NAME THAT MUSICAL and you are awesome, by the way.

Rosie and Scarlett are color-related names that suit their individual personalities; their last name, March, is a reference to LITTLE WOMEN. SISTERS RED is kind of packed with "easter eggs"-- almost every street name, and every number is a reference of some point (usually to the Grimm brothers or the original Little Red Riding Hood fairytale itself). There's a minor character named Cecelia whose name was picked because of the way Saorise Ronan's character says it in the movie Atonement-- there's such desperation on her voice when she says the name, it really stuck with me.

Ansel and Gretchen are references to Hansel and Gretel. Sophia Kelly has a more interesting origin-- there was a girl in the marching band I coach named Sophie, and I thought she looked like the character who would become Sophia. I used Kelly because of that old song-- "Has anybody here seen Kelly? K-E-double L-Y."

Now...back to SWEETLY revisions with me...*crawls into cave*

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